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Happy 2017 and all that… I hope you’ve had a lovely start to the year.




I’m just SO EXCITED to tell you that finally, finally … FINALLY the product that I’ve been hinting at for the last few months is ready!

It’s been my heart and soul project for the last six months. I’ve poured everything I know about writing non-fiction books into this:

  • How to get your book right from the start, so you don’t waste your time and money
  • The essential elements of non-fiction books that you MUST include to make your book competitive in today’s market
  • How to map out and USE your story to hook your reader and connect with them so they become loyal fans
  • Why you need to connect to your reader to make your book a winner
  • How to choose the right template for YOUR book


(If you want to take a look at it now, go HERE)


I created this template pack because I’ve worked with so many authors who have said things like:


“If ONLY I’d planned my book out from the start! I’d have saved so much time!”


“If ONLY there had been something that told me exactly what to do when I started my book!”


“I just want an easy way to get my book out of my head and onto the page.”


They said these things so often that I decided to make that thing, to help.



I thought this product would be tiny.


I thought it would have just a 10 page ebook and some pretty, one-page fillable PDFs.


I thought I’d get it done in a week. (Bahahahahhaa!! I was so cute!)




What really happened:

I started to write some notes on everything I knew about structuring non-fiction books.

I kept making notes, which I then re-ordered into a strategic system that worked.

(I STILL thought it would be short, and quick. I was utterly, utterly wrong!)


Then I started writing.

I wrote, and wrote and wrote some more.

I couldn’t for the LIFE of me figure out why it was taking so long.


Then one day, a friend asked me how it was going.

I was feeling a little dramatic, so I decided to wow her with wordcount. (We’ve all been there, right?!)

I brought up the file, and scanned for the number. I was expecting around 12,000 words, give or take…

I found the number and almost fell off my chair. (I did such a double take that the dog woke up!)


I was at about 48,000 words and counting.

It was an EPIC project and I hadn’t even realised!

(I took it a bit more seriously after that…)


All up, there are over 60,000 words in this baby.

It’s packed with all the knowledge I have on how to start your book off with a solid foundation that WORKS.


It’s got:

  • 4 comprehensive fillable PDF Templates, to make planning out your book easy
  • The Story Planner fillable PDF worksheet, to clarify your winning story and supporting anecdotes to connect deeply with your reader and keep them reading
  • The Who’s Your Reader PDF Worksheet. Find out exactly who you’re writing to, to keep your audience hooked to the last word
  • A 60 page Template Chooser ebook to explain what readers expect from modern non-fiction + how it works, how to write it and how not to stuff it up. Each template is explained in detail, along with the bits all books have in common and how to write those parts too.
  • Handy Quick Start Template Chooser Flowchart, so you can figure out which template YOU need and get started ASAP!


It contains all the tools that you need to get started, then finish your book with ease if you’re a non-fiction writer .


It’s the tool I wish all the authors who come to me for editing would use before they start. (It’d save them time on re-writes, and money on editing!)


I had a team of beta readers look over it and vet it for things that weren’t useful. (Thank you lovely beta readers, you know who you are! xx)


In between writing it and launching it, we lost the last 2 elders in our family.

I took a break. I kept going. I did what I could, when I could. (Just like writing a book, really)

I held the vision of helping overwhelmed writers get their books sorted easily.


And now, it’s ready.

If you’d like to read more about The Only 4 Book Templates You’ll Ever Need:



 I hope you like it!

The Only 4 Book Templates You’ll Ever Need!!
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