Make writing your book easy 

Get The Only 4 Book Templates You'll Ever Need: start and finish your non-fiction book fast! 

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The Only 4 Book Templates You'll Ever Need: start & finish your non-fiction book fast 

Well hello there, author!  

Or should I say “aspiring author”? 

Because let’s face it: most people SAY they want to write a book, but don’t. 

It’s not that you can’t. 

It’s not that you don’t want to. 

It’s not that you’re damned lazy, either – no matter how much you joke about it. 

It’s that writing a book is a Big Thing. 

It’s scary. It’s a huge project. 

And you’ve got a real fear that you’ll do it wrong. 

It’s a legitimate fear, too. 

I’ve been editing non-fiction for 5 years, and I’ve seen plenty of manuscripts that could be called dogs’ breakfasts. They’re enthusiastic, full of good knowledge and are even written well! 

But they don’t do the job. 

The place that they fall down is that they don’t have the structure that they need, one that hooks their reader and then leads them through the information in a logical, ordered way.  

Most first drafts lack a good supporting structure.  

Books are great for getting your information out there – the booming non-fiction self-publishing industry is proof of that.  

They just have to be organised well in order to work. 

There’s no point doing the equivalent of putting all of your hard-won knowledge into a garbage bag and shaking it, then offering your reader a lucky dip. 

(Believe me, that is what a lot of first time authors do…)

Want the templates now? 

Can’t wait to start your book with the RIGHT structure?

ONLY $37!! 

Sometimes organising your thoughts to write them down can feel impossible.  

It’s like you need to say everything all at once... 

If only someone had invented mind-chips already… just put in a chip, download the info, and like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, you’d know Kung Fu! 

No-one's invented mind chips, so you MUST structure your book before you write it. 

The Only 4 Book Templates You'll Ever Need

These templates are the 4 no-nonsense foundations for every non-fiction book you'll ever write.  


Stop worrying if you've done it right. Do the writing instead! 


Narrow down your choices with the handy Template Chooser Flow Chart, so you can pick a template + start writing quicky.  


Just follow the instructions in the template you've chosen and write your book with ease. 


When you've structured your book well from the start, you'll save yourself a packet on the first editing stage: structure! 


Written by an experienced non-fiction editor, so you KNOW they're effective. I wouldn't put them out here if they weren't useful! 


Know that you are taking your reader where they want to go, every step of the way. 

I would recommend this to anyone that is writing a book, no matter what the subject or style. The templates make it easier to get your thoughts together in a way that make sense instead of all over the place. So much easier to turn those thoughts into sentences and paragraphs.

Being a newbie at writing this has just helped me so much. It has taken away the feeling of “what have I started?” and the “how the heck did I get myself into this mess?”. This has given me a direction to write this properly and most effectively. Thank you Tamara, this is brilliant!

Paula Martyn - Business Administrator & first time author

The clear book templates immediately helped me to see where my writing would fit and how it needs developing.

Tamara's writing style helped unravel the complexities of non-fiction writing with ease and clarity.

Tamara's experience, knowledge and confidence shines through the whole book and I finished realising that my goal was easily achievable. 

Liz Mellor - Awaken Into Wealth

Who Am I? 

I'm an editor who specialises in non-fiction. 

I've been editing non-fiction freelance for 5 years, and have edited 30+ books. 

In that time, I noticed that there were commonalities between books that meant they naturally fell into 4 different forms. As I continued to edit, I made a game out of figuring out which of the 4 forms, or templates, the next book would fit.  

Magically, it was ALWAYS one of the four. Over a year and a half, there were NO variations. Seriously! Anything seemingly "new" was a tweak or distillation of one of the original 4.  

I could see that authors were frustrated

The more I worked with authors to structure their books after they were written, the more I could see how frustrating it was for them to hear that they'd done ALL THAT WORK of writing their books, but that there was STILL more to do before we began polishing the language.

I could see that if they'd had good advice before they began writing, that they would have written better books to start with. 

So I wrote it all down... 

And as I wrote, I realised that what I had, in my mess of random notes, was a system. 

One that took an author through the various aspects of planning a book.

One that covered the aspects of modern non-fiction that many new authors just don't think about. 

One that would help writers just when they need it most: when they're starting to write their book. 

I wrote down everything I know about getting a non-fiction book right from the word go, then packaged it up in the form it'll be of most use to you. 

This collection of The Only 4 Book Templates You'll Ever Need is the knowledge I've gained over the editing of 30+ books, plus a lifetime of reading before that. (Seriously... I read over 200 books a year, 1/3 of those non-fiction.)  

So what do you get? 

  • 4 comprehensive fillable PDF Templates, to make planning out your book easy
  • The Story Planner fillable PDF worksheet, to clarify your winning story and supporting anecdotes to connect deeply with your reader and keep them reading
  • The Who's Your Reader PDF Worksheet. Find out exactly who you're writing to, to keep your audience hooked to the last word
  • A 60 page Template Chooser ebook to explain what readers expect from modern non-fiction + how it works, how to write it and how not to stuff it up. Each template is explained in detail, along with the bits all books have in common and how to write those parts too.  
  • Handy Quick Start Template Chooser Flowchart, so you can figure out which template YOU need and get started ASAP! 

ONLY US$37! 

I am so thankful for this template pack. 

I had been turning my book ideas over and over in my mind for years. Pieces of the book in the left side brain (the thinker)… and pieces of the book in the right side brain (the creator). The two sides seemed to be in a constant stand-off of which side should go I did nothing.

With the template I will be able to spill it all out in an organized fashion and get my thoughts out to the world.

Thank you Tamara :)

Janna Lynn - I Create My Life Today (ICMLT)

On the fence? 

If you want to get serious about writing your book in 2017, but have no idea where to start... 

...then I'd highly recommend you check out this template pack. 

Don't waste time spinning your wheels and stuffing up your book. 

Get your structure solid so that the rest flows.  

** A portion of all sales will go towards funding a school to be built through Pencils of Promise. I'm passionate about the power of education to create effective global change.  

When you think of the year that's just passed, what do you regret?  

Did you spend too long on Facebook? Not visit your granny enough? 

Not write your book...? 

We've all got regrets. 

Don't make not writing your book be yours this year. 

IF you want to write your book with ease in 2017...

IF you want it to instantly connect with your reader...

IF you don't know where to start and need a guide...