I need to tell you something important. It’s important for all of us.




And it’s this:

I woke up yesterday morning, the day after the US elected Trump as the next President, and I felt hope.

Please don’t get me wrong.

I really, really, REALLY wanted Trump to lose. For many, many, MANY reasons.

I do think it’s a terrible thing that a racist, sexist, unstable horror-show of a man could get the top job in a land that’s so influential on the world stage.




It’s also the reason I woke up with more love and compassion in my heart than I’ve ever felt before.

I realised something this morning… and it’s this:

If we want to change the world, we need to NOT give our power away to our elected officials and expect them to do something good with it.

That power’s ours.

We can take that responsibility and use it in our own lives.


We can arm ourselves with compassion and armour ourselves in love.


We can look after each other.

And we will.





Yes, we’ll feel grief. And anger. Confusion.

Some people are suffering more – and we need to come together, connect, and look after each other.

We need to forgive those who are acting against what we feel is good and right and true; because if they’re acting from a place of their truth, then that’s all that’s asked of anyone.


And I have one thing to ask of you.

IF you feel that you have something to say.

IF you feel you have a book to write that you’ve been silencing and sitting on, hiding and afraid of what people might think, or what might happen if you do, or whether your parents or friends will like it…

…then we need you now.

Your book is needed now, more than ever.


We need to raise our voices up and broadcast them loud and clear.


So many people I work with say they’ve stopped themselves writing their books for years.


That breaks my heart, because if you’ve got the urge to write a book, then you can bet that there’s someone out there who needs to hear what you have to say.

And if you don’t say it, they’ll go hungry.

They may find it somewhere else, but personally, I think that they need to hear it how YOU say it. How you view it through your lens you turn on the world.


(And if you’re worrying about your topic, and how it’s not that huge, and life changing… then STOP. It’s fine. We can’t all write on a global scale.

Remember: change starts with us. With our small and ordinary lives. Your book is a building block for the future.)


Know one thing: if you stay silent now, you’re saying it’s OK.

That the western world can repeat history, ’cause that worked so well the last several times.

That this is how you want things to be. That you’re fine with it all.


And if you’re not?


Then do your thing. Write the book.


Get your voice out there with the others working to lift up humanity and show that there ARE people who care out there.


I do work with people writing books, but this isn’t a call to work with me.

It’s just a sincere wish that you get going, and keep going.


Write until it’s done and then hit PUBLISH, so that people can see that they’re not so alone.


Or, if you do need help, check out my services and see if they suit you. If they do, then great. Let’s get that book sorted so you can connect with more people.

If not, then great.

Write your book, so that the people who need your voice can get what they need.




But most of all, use the three greatest weapons we have in this fight:


forgiveness, compassion and love.


Come back to them again and again.

Use them to keep your fellow humans safe.


It’s necessary now, more than ever.


x tamara



Now, more than ever, write your book.

What do you think?

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