Our Services

Book Planning Consult

Get super clear on what you're going to write, and how it's going to flow. 


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Manuscript Assessment

An affordable, stand-alone consult to clarify exactly what your manuscript needs to become publishable.

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Developmental Editing

Identify the most logical structure for your book, as well as any gaps or repetition.


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Copy & Language Editing

Ensure your book is written in clear, concise language that communicates exactly what you want it to say.

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Send your manuscript to the printer free from typos, ambiguities and other embarrassing mistakes.

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Full Service Editing

Everything in the previous packages in one convenient service.


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What Our Clients Say

"I knew I'd struggle to rewrite my books on my own; and Tamara and Tanja were a huge help in overhauling and updating the content. They made the process really easy for me, and I loved their collaborative approach: three brains definitely work better than one!"

Denise Duffield-Thomas, author of Lucky Bitch and Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

"Tanja and Tamara did an awesome job of ensuring my book made sense, then added that extra polish that a professional book needs - all while respecting (and even enhancing) my authentic writing voice."

Amanda Sterling, author of The Humane Workplace

"I've long believed that editors are the "invisible heroes" of the book writing process, and Team T'n'T came highly recommended. I was extremely impressed by smoothly we all worked together to transform my existing content into a print-ready book."

Per Lillie, author of Remove Blocks & Build Your Business

"I was initially nervous about working with an editing team, but Team T'n'T helped me create a manuscript I was proud to release into the world - one that gave far more value to my readers than I could have managed alone."

Amanda Howe, author of Know Your Flow