Stand up out of the darkness

Hello,   The last week’s felt like a bit of a shitfight, hasn’t it? Either you’re still reeling from the Week That Was in politics and wondering where all the decent people are… Or you’re wondering why there seem to

Now, more than ever, write your book.

Hi. I need to tell you something important. It’s important for all of us.     And it’s this: I woke up yesterday morning, the day after the US elected Trump as the next President, and I felt hope. Please

Are you boring yourself?

  There’s one very big difference between someone who has written a book, and someone who hasn’t.   The one who has? ACTUALLY WROTE ONE.   (I know. It’s obvious. Just bear with me.)   And I know that there

Season’s turn

I took a little walk down the back of our property yesterday, and was struck by the majesty of our chestnut trees: they’re full-size, beautiful, and their leaves are turning. Then I thought: It’s been a year since my photoshoot

New post on Medium

Yo! My new article is up on Medium. It might be familiar to you if you’ve read my post on urgency and using it as a kick-along to get your Big Thing done. If you’ve not read it before, click

A new equation: focus plus urgency equals book!

Last time you had your eyes here, I was talking about urgency and how that’s really the only way to get your book done. And I really think that it is. You can schedule it in, you can hire all

The ‘ability’ in accountability

I’ve been thinking a lot about accountability lately. It’s something that we love to hate. (and if you’ve not got a heap of time, please click here and tell me how you like your accountability to look. Thanks!) We need

Are you a Proper Writer?

If you’re finding writing really hard right now, you might want to think about this: What is your idea of a ‘proper,’ Capital-W Writer? Because if your expectations of who a Writer is and how they behave differs significantly from

The different sides of stuck

You know how I like to talk about ‘stuck’? Well I’m going to be doing it again today. Feel free to go and potter amongst other posts if you’ve never felt the particular horror of your hands paralysed on your

Sometimes it’s good to suck at writing

Because then you also know when you’re doing your best work. Without the dud sentences, without the stilted descriptions and turgid dialogue, you wouldn’t know when you’re flying. Sometimes I set out to write the worst possible prose I can,

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