Boost Your Writing: use the power of your nose

Howdy! If you’re reading this, then chances are that you’re a writer. And chances are that you really, really want to write better/faster/for longer/without losing focus or procrastinating. Uh huh… ME TOO! I used to really struggle to write regularly,

How to keep going when you’ve lost the plot. (Pun totally intended…)

Hello?   Oh good, there you are.   Let’s cosy down over here and ignore the world for a bit, yes?   So. I’ve had a lot of people tell me lately, “I want to write a book, but I’m

How Do I Write My Book?

How Do I Write My Book?

There are more frustrated writers out there than you’d believe.    I know, because I talk to writers, and would-be writers for a good amount of time each week, and also, because Himself STILL hasn’t finished the book he started


Hey. You. Yes, you. The one who’s been jawing ON and ON about writing a book. If you’re serious, come and join the Facebook group for actual writers (You know, the ones who actually sit down and actually thump words

Don’t be an Art Martyr

The Chandelier, by Jo Bradshaw. Etching is where it started… Last week’s blog post contained the line: Art needs to be made, not questioned before it’s even born. When I wrote that sentence last week, it was an idea that

The 3 Essential Ingredients for Writing – NOW

After the last post, you’re aware that your time is running out.                   You know you don’t want to die with your music (your book) inside you. You want to write that

Life, death, and writing (again)

I’m going to talk to you about your book again today. How are you going? Is your book getting written? Progress being made, day by day? Word count going up, steadily? It’s not, is it? Things get in the way,

Get focused to write better + slay your word count

I’m wading through the wordy seas at the moment. Wonderful clients are writing up a storm, we’re checking in regularly, and some editing requests that I just couldn’t refuse because the books are interesting and fun are competing for my

Your MTR (and what this actually is)

I think we’ve all been there: The paralysis that can happen when you sit to write, or think about writing, and suddenly you think of them. All of the people who have ever made fun of you, criticized you, made

…the burlesque of inspiration

If you’re blogging, you’ll know this already: keeping readers interested is like a sustained burlesque striptease. Reveal a bit, hide behind a fan. Reveal some more, shimmy! I’m an ex-dancer (not like an ex-parrot though), but I was never any

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