Keep your mind off your audience

So I was writing the other day, and then I stopped. When I thought about why – actually, I procrastinated for half a day, scrubbed the kitchen benches, ate lots of inappropriate food, did huge amounts of laundry that could

Worth repeating again: the NOW book

“There is the NOW book, and there are the other books.” – Andrew Griffiths I was struck by this, because a lot of my clients do get stuck because there are lots of ideas in their heads about useful books

9 Tips to get rhythm into your writing life

Most of us have an idea in our minds of a writer as someone who writes effortlessly, regularly, and has access to the Muse on demand. It can be hard to sit down and put words on a page when

What published authors know

There’s something that authors who’ve been published know that people who aren’t published don’t, usually. I’m going to tell you upfront, too, because we have stuff to talk about here. Published authors know this: the book doesn’t happen by itself.

Guest post on Invincible Summer

Hello!Today I have a guest post up at Invincible Summer: many thanks to Jess Morrow for having me over there, it’s always fun to go visiting. You can read it here… Jess has just launched her Invincible Summer e-course as

Good writing, simple solutions

Often the best solutions are really simple. Working with writers in my new PowerWords sessions, I keep coming back to this essential point. The more complex the solution, the more likely it is to stop working. The more moving parts

The rise of the cyborg…

By it’s very truest definition, technology has been with us since the first rock was lifted and used to break open a nut. But did you ever think of yourself as a cyborg? If you have a mobile phone, even


Have you ever wondered why we have so many of our good (even our best?) ideas in the shower? There are quite a number of theories – that we’re by ourselves, that warm water somehow draws them out, that out-of-tune

Responsibility and graffiti

I recently read a Facebook status update from my brother-in-law. He’s a fellow wordy type and his update read: Blogging is not writing, it’s graffiti with punctuation. Hmm. Interesting, I thought. I blog. It’s brought up some thoughts for me

What do you know?

The trick, I think, is to let people know what you know. The ins and outs of your topic may seem obvious to you, but you probably spend your time working at it or thinking about it – old hat

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